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Our Projects                                                  (PI:Evren Mutlugün)

Our research works are being suported by various research fundings under TÜBITAK, KOSGEB and industry collaborations.

Industrial Project

QLED Device Development for Given Metrics

Budget : ~1M TL

(March 2021 - September 2023)


The Center of Excellence Support Program

Strategic R&D Collaboration for Electronic and Optic Component Fabrication with Advanced Materials High Technology Platforms

Budget : ~2.75M TL

(February 2021 - February 2025)


1001 Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program

Quantum Dot-Nanofiber Hybridized Flexible Electroluminescent Devices

Budget : ~500K TL

(December 2017 - December 2019)


1505 University-Industry Collaboration Grant Program

Color Enrichment on LCD Screens

Budget: ~500K TL

(May 2015-May 2017)


3501 Career Development Program

Quantum Dot based OLEDs on Flexible Substrates


Budget : ~300K TL

(October 2014-October 2017)


Scientific Research Project Fund

Semiconductor Quantum Dot-Perovskite Solar Cells

Budget: ~85K TL

(2015 - 2017)

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

Technology Entrepreneurship Support Program

Budget: 100K TL

(2015 - 2016)

Projects at Nanome


1507 SME R&D Start-up Support Programme

Optical Films with Improved Scattering by Metal-Oxide Hybridization

Budget : ~550K TL

( January 2022 - January 2023)


Smart Nanocrystal Enabled Light-Emitting Diodes Lighting for Sustainable Controlled Environment

Budget : ~700K TL

(December 2021 - December 2023)


R&D and Innovation Support Programme

Development of Nanocrystal Based Display Component via Extrusion

Budget : ~300K TL

(April 2020-October 2021)

EU Horizon 2020

SME Phase I

COENCO Display (Grant# 889669)

Budget : ~50K EURO

(December 2019 - May 2020)


1507 SME R&D Start-up Support Programme

Nanocrystal embedded Light Guide Plate for LCD Displays


Budget : ~400K TL

(May 2019-October 2020)


R&D and Innovation Support Programme

Nanocrystal Based Films for Lighting Systems

Budget : ~250K TL

(December 2018 - December 2019)

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