Mutlugun Research Group

MutlugunLab is devoted to the development of innovative nanocrystals for optoelectronic applications. 

Our research effort is based on the synthesis of nanocrystals, i.e CdSe, InP, ternary alloy based quantum dots, perovskites; the demonstration of stand-alone nanocrystalline polymer films; the study of photophysical properties of composite structures; the development of high-stable materials of 2-dimensional colloidal nanosheets; utilization of nanocrystals for colloidal optoelectronic applications: passive (photoluminescence-based), active (electroluminescent-based) nanocrystalline materials of light emitting diodes, lasers and solar cells. 

At the same time, our research feeds the studies of NANOME to generate high added value on a global scale.


Nanomaterials Synthesis


Excitonics of
Low-dimensional Materials


Optoelectronics Applications

Latest Publications

The introduction of a rational design for depositing internally-doped nanostructured thin films is of great importance for optoelectronics. In this presented work, Mn-doped CdS thin films with high purity in composition were prepared through the chemical bath deposition technique using a nucleation-doping strategy. This work focuses on an improved chemical design to eliminate mostly ignored property of conventionally doped nanoscale thin films.